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Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Model: Handheld Laser Welding Machine
Working Area:

Product Parameters


Handheld Laser Welding Machine

Focal Length


Maximum Laser Power

1000W, 1500W, 2000W

Oval Size

Short axis: 1 mm Long axis: 2 mm

Nozzle Aperture


Auxiliary Air Pressure


The Optical Fiber Connector


Applicable Laser Brand

Raycus, IPG, etc.

Laser Wavelength

1070 NM

Fiber Length

Standard 8-10M, up to 15M

Way of working

Continuous / Modulation

Speed range of welder

0~120 mm/s

Collimated Beam


Cooling water machine

Industrial constant temperature water tank


Double Pendulum Welding Head

Multiple spot modes can be switched freely

Built-in dual-axis high-speed servo motor

Digital display screen design, real-time control of welding data

Circulating water circuit design, rapid cooling of the gun body

Imported high-end chips, multiple safety protection measures

All ports on the motherboard can resist 20W volts static electricity

Laser Control Card

It is suitable for all types of laser generators at home and abroad, with a DIP switch that can be switched to a 5V laser control signal for the new IPG generator.

A variety of protection measures are added to the control signal part to solve the potential safety hazards to customers caused by control failures caused by misoperation, wiring errors or current interference at the customer site

Laser control

Power: Adjustable percentage

Frequency: 50~30000Hz

Duty cycle: adjustable percentage

Laser head control

Mode: 6 kinds of spot modes are optional

Frequency: 2~46HZ (every 1Hz is equal to the motor swing 10 times per second)

Width: 0~5mm adjustable light spot

Gas control

Advance amount: gas blowing time in advance (recommended value 150ms)

Delay amount: delayed gas blowing time (recommended value 200ms)

Proportional valve: the percentage control is effective when the proportional valve is installed

Language and time lock

SN identification code: refers to the system administrator number, written by 8 digits (for example: 20200315)

Software version: the software version number of the motherboard.

Use period: refers to the effective use time, when (-) appears, it is a permanent use right.

Registration number: refers to the number that needs to be entered when unlocking.

Multi-language selection: 5 new language switching functions are newly added: Chinese, English, Russian, Vietnamese, Korean


product superiority

Large scale of the company

  • RUIJIE is established in July 2002
  • owns more than 600 square meters of customization.
  • more than 35000 square meters factory.

quality assurance

  • Designers with 20 years of experience,
    product quality assurance, provide customer customization.
  • Professional technical after-sales team,
    24-hour online service ,door-to- door service

Multinational recognitione

  • All machines passed CE FDA certificate
  • cooperation with clients from USA, Canada,
    Australia, Europe, South east Asia ,Africa
    etc, more than 100 countries and area


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