MetalNon-Metal Mixed Laser Cutting Machine RJ1325
  • Features
    ◆Square rail and ball screw transmission enable the machine high precision and stable performance.
    ◆Professional industrial circulation cooling systems with automatic alarm system.Optical components adopt imported U.S. 26 mirrors and ZNSE focus lens for high quality cutting effect.
    ◆Constant optical structure to fix the laser path ensures stable beam transmission.
    ◆Following focus system realized dynamics focus continuous cutting on material of different thickness.
    ◆Japan YASKAWA and PANASONIC servo motors alternatives.

  • Parameters




    Working   Size


    Laser   Type

    CO2   Sealed Laser Tube, wavelength 10.6μm (In accordance with GB11748-89 standard)   (Optional frequency metal tube)

    Laser   Power

    150W,    180W,  200W,  GSI280W

    Cooling   System

    Industrial   Water cooling system

    Cutting   Speed

    0-600mm/s (the speed is   varied due different thickness of materials)

    Energy   Adjustment

    0-100%   stepless control, inside software 0-100%adjust

    Control   System

    Digital   Offline Control System

    Drive   System

    Servo   Motor, high precision ball screw

    Working   Voltage

    AC220V     50/60Hz

    Position   Accuracy


    Minimum   Letter Size

    Chinese:3mm  English:2mm

    Whole   Machine Power


    Working   Environment


    Supported   Format

    PLT,DST,DXF,BMP,AI,   support AutoCAD, CorelDraw output directly

  • Applications

    ◆It is applicable to stainless steel, carbon steel, acrylic, wood and other metal and non-metal sheet materials.
    ◆It is applicable  to metal sheets,  metal and non-metal processing  enterprises such as  medium thickness sheet metal  processing
    ◆factory and advertising company.
    ◆sheet metal structure, high and low  voltage electrical cabinet making, hardware, tools, advertising signs, metal crafts;  decorating,
    automotive, petrochemical, medical, mechanical parts, electrical meter parts, saw blades, spring-chip and other industries.
    ◆Non-metal Industry:
    Leather processing industry: leather, fabric carved hollow.
    Arts and crafts industry: paper cutting, wood, bamboo products, leather, shell, ivory and other materials’ engraving and cutting.
    Advertising industry: acrylic engraving and cutting, cutting and engraving of double-color plate and other advertising material.
    Packaging industry: printed rubber plate engraving and cutting, plywood cutting and laser cutter template cutting.
    Decoration industry: electrical and electronic industry materials engraving and cutting.



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