Laser Welding Machine RJ-200
  • Features

    ◆Material: stainless steel, galvanized sheet, iron, titanium and other metals and their alloys;
    ◆Overspeed welding laser welding machine advantages: accurate and precision, can be welding small and complex font and LOGO;
    ◆Quick speed, colorless difference , after welding, no trace, don't need to handle, beautiful appearance;
    ◆In view of the advertising industry, especially long light path, 360 degrees of arbitrary rotation, scaling range is bigger;
    ◆No raised welding spot, welding surface, do not need polishing polishing process, save work time, beautiful appearance and firm;
    ◆Processing without noise, on the environment pollution-free;
    ◆Equipped with CCD monitor, welding effect is more clear and intuitive;
    ◆The welding machine can work 24 hours a day.


  • Parameters

    The laser power200W
    The laser wavelength1064 nm
    Largest single pulse energy90J
    Depth of laser welding0.1-1.2mm
    The pulse width0.1-20ms
    Combo when the frequency of the laser welding0.5-40Hz
    Spot size adjustable range0.2-2mm
    The machine electricity power≤7KW
    Demand for electricity220V±10%/50Hz/40A
    The standard table800*1000mm load200Kg
    Aimed at positioningCCD Synchronous high-definition camera
    Laser travel up and down≥200mm
    Laser level direction200-800mm



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