Reej brand reputation high strength
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We are one of the largest furniture manufacturers in China, with 20 years of office furniture, hotel furniture, high-end furniture production experience, annual output value of more than 3 billion. Cooperation with Reejeer many times, the product quality has always been good, carved furniture is also very good.

A metal engraving machine to witness love
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Engraving is a work that needs skills very much. It is careful and artistic beauty that can be carved out of artistic crafts. Metal is a very difficult material to engrave. It is very difficult to engrave words and paintings on metal and to maintain beauty. However, with the development of modern technology, the emergence of metal carving machines allows art to appear on hard metals through simple operations. Ms Yang and her husband just thought of love's kinder proposition than Jin Jian's, and thought of carving love on metal. The operation of the metal carving machine requires only one computer to control it, so in the initial conception and practice, Ms. Yang and they only spent a little time. Using a metal engraving machine, the girl's portrait was carved on a lighter, and the lips were cleverly carved on metal ornaments. All kinds of ideas allowed them to reap sweet love and gain a lot of business

Laser and seal cutting machines or Reeker machines?

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We do crafts processing, recently want to buy a laser machine and seal machine, search a lot of manufacturers on the Internet, but the more confused comparison, which is more suitable for handicraft sculpture? The carving material is mainly acrylic, organic glass and so on.
Later, we finally established a comparison between the three carving machine manufacturers. After five separate communications before and after, we finally chose Jinan Ruijie Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.. The salesperson told us that Reej Machinery has a strong product research and development ability and is known for its high quality and diverse products. All accessories into the factory full inspection, production process quality control, quality inspection before the factory, strict compliance with the ISO9001 quality system to truly achieve the traceability of product quality. Their strict qulity check, high-quality personnel's technical security, patience, enthusiasm, perfect after-sales service impressed us. We think such a businessa is trustworthy.

Reeker laser sculptors are really good.

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We have six woodworking carvers, which are very skilled in operation, but we have very limited knowledge of laser carvers. The customer has 80,000 sets of wine box orders urgently need laser carving. The original carving machine can not meet the production requirements and needs to purchase two two-headed laser engraving machines. This customer needs to carve a 1 mm depth font on the board, because the order volume is relatively large, so the carving speed is relatively high. We find reference materials, through telephone communication to understand the configuration of various manufacturers and product model performance, through unremitting efforts, we slowly understand the laser engraving machine more than the average sales staff. For example, the laser's model, type, optical mode, wavelength, and its influence on the engraving effect and the degree of influence. Some salespeople can't answer such questions well.
Through the comparative analysis of several large engraving machine manufacturers, we finally chose the two-headed laser carving machine RJ-1280 produced by Jinan Rujie Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.. Their sales personnel are very professional and their services are very detailed. Now that the equipment has been in use for more than a year, the equipment has been very stable after 12 hours of operation every day. There has never been a problem. The engraving machine produced by Regency is really good!

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